Content Management

What is a content manager?

Content managers develop and distribute timely, relevant content for audiences. To do that, they have a deep understanding of their company’s brand voice and use it to communicate with customers.

In addition to creativity, being a content manager usually involves the management of projects and a content team. They also might collaborate across other teams for projects.

This role is not entry-level — content managers are generally expected to lead their team and foster growth, so it’s a job that’s filled by someone with a couple of years of experience in marketing, communications, and project management.

What does a content manager do?

The role of a content manager can depend on company structure and size. For instance, a startup’s content manager might be their only marketer, while an enterprise company might have content managers assigned to multiple teams. You might find a content manager taking the ownership over an editorial calendar, developing content topic strategy, compiling data reports, managing social media accounts, or writing long-form editorial pieces. Alicia Collins, Global Brand Marketing Manager at HubSpot, says, “Content managers wear many hats. Their job consists of so many moving parts — managing blogs, managing social, managing offers … in some cases, they can be a one-person marketing team.”

Content Manager Skills

Content Manager Responsibilities

  • Audit the existing content on the company’s website for brand voice, relevance, and optimization
  • Research competitors to find content gaps and keyword gaps that your company hasn’t yet covered
  • Create a new content strategy that can help your company reach its traffic goals
  • Promote a consistent brand identity through the company’s social media profiles
    • Create a long-term and short-term content publishing calendar and social media calendar
    • Write the new content or manage a team of freelancers and writers to create the new content
    • Monitor the performance of the content through online tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console